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Continuing Education for Rehab Professionals

 *17 hours approved in Ohio for both OT and PT Professionals

Course Description:

The needs of people with chronic back pain go beyond an episode of rehabilitation care.  Wellness programming, such as “Yoga for a Better Back”, that is designed by a physical therapist using current evidence can extend the length of care and continue to improve the outcomes for patients.  Transitioning patients to wellness programs within your clinic promotes safety and provides continued progress for the client; job satisfaction for clinicians; and increased revenue for clinics.

“Yoga for a Better Back” is an digital course that blends evidence from pain science, yoga, and physical therapy and will lead the patient/client toward a better understanding of how their mind, body, and spirit  contributes to health.  The course includes lessons about both the mind and body; guided meditations; and yoga videos that can be practiced daily.  This educational program for rehabilitation professionals combines participation in the online course (10 hours) with classroom instruction (7 hours) for the integration of yoga in both therapeutic and wellness settings.

Course Objectives:

1.      Describe the biopsychosocial-spiritual model of health and how yoga blended with physical therapy can meet the needs of improving health for the person with back pain.

2.      Incorporate contemporary pain science and research from yoga and physical therapy to create a “Yoga for a Better Back” program within your clinical setting.

3.      Review the effects of chronic stress on the development of persistent pain and experience how the aspects of a yoga practice (self-study, breathing, physical poses, and meditation) manage chronic stress to reduce or eliminate pain.

4.      Understand and then practice components of each module of the “Yoga for a Better Back” digital course and determine how it creates both physical and psychologically-informed interventions for back pain.

a.      Awareness: become aware of how thoughts, emotions, postures and movements trigger pain

b.      Alignment: explore alignment of thoughts and actions with core values; explore alignment of the body in common yoga and therapeutic exercises as ways to improve overall health

c.      Support/Stability/Strength: learn why creating emotional and spirit support may be as important as “core stability” in management of back pain

d.      Mobility: practice “letting go” or mobilizing habits of thought and movement that do not promote optimal health

5.      Discuss issues in recruitment, retention, staffing, revenue, and expenses in the development of wellness programs for people with back pain.

Classroom Content (7 hours):

·        Lecture: What is Yoga and how can it broaden rehabilitation to benefit people with low back pain?  (75 min)

·        Lab: Guided Meditation, 3 Part Breath and Gentle Mobility Yoga (60 min)

·        Lecture: Creating alignment for safe yoga, creating alignment of core values and daily action, pain neuroscience (45 min)

·        Lab: Alignment of standing poses: mountain pose, warrior 2, triangle and side angle; guided meditation of body scan (60 min)

·        Lecture: Creating emotional and physical support; developing compassion; functional anatomy of the core muscles (45)

·        Lab: Core activation via breath; core training via yoga poses (60 min)

·        Lecture:  Mobility; letting go of poor habits of thought and movement (45 min)

·        Lab: Creating ease of movement in the low back by increasing movement in the mid-back and hips; self-assessment of flexion and extension (30 min)

·        Full Yoga practice (60 min)

Online Content 10 hours:

  • 4 Modules each with a Mindfulness lesson, Physical lesson, Guided Meditation, Short Yoga Practice and Long Yoga Practice

  • Access is given upon registration 1-2 months prior to the classroom course