Interested in Melaleuca? Here’s how it works:

Contact me to create a membership. Then meet your product point commitment each month. Each product, based on price, is worth points. Buy 35 points worth of products each month, which is very EASY. I’ve been doing it for 13 years and have never had trouble meeting my monthly point commitment with items that I actually need. The Peak Performance Pack alone will satisfy your monthly point commitment! Here are a few examples of my monthly shopping:

melaleuca sample purchase1.JPG
melaleuca sample purchase2.JPG
melaleuca sample purchase3.JPG

Forget to order?

It is hard to forget as you can sign up for a reminder that comes with the list of specials and coupons for the month. But if you forget, No worries! You can set up an automatic order in case you forget. My auto order includes bath soap, shampoo, and body lotion; items that I will always use.

Loyalty Shopping Dollars

As you buy, you earn Loyalty Shopping Dollars. Because the company wants you to be educated on the products you use, you watch short videos about the research and products to move the dollars in the “Available to Use” category. You can see in my orders above, that I saved anywhere from $16.50-$47 using these Loyalty Dollars. I love any way that I can to save money!