Want to immediately Ease Muscle Tension with a Video leading you through breathing and gentle movement? 

Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

Providing Physical Therapy using Yoga as the Primary Treatment so you can Go Beyond the Physical manifestations of your pain.
If you are living with pain, you need this so M U C H! 

Mindfulness, Understanding, Compassion and Healing

Learn more about Yoga Physical Therapy in this video interview created with the Ohio Physical Therapy Association.  Learn more about why you should choose Physical Therapy first for muscle and joint pain at: makePThappen.com and follow the hashtag #makePThappen and #choosePT


Private Yoga Physical Therapy

One-on-One Sessions addressing your specific needs.  Includes complete history and assessment.  For more information see offerings.


Focus on a different region of the body each session, explore conditions of pain related to the region, create compassion and healing.

Weekly YPT Classes

Ongoing weekly classes: Gentle and Hatha are always SPINE SAFE, JOINT SAFE, and BONE SAFE with props and modifications. See Stephanie's Schedule....


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