Guided Meditations help focus awareness on the breath.  They may help you quiet the mind, relax the body, and nurture the spirit.  I hope you find them useful.  

First, find a comfortable position.  Any position will do: sitting in a chair, lying on the floor with legs strait or with legs up in a chair, or maybe even standing.  There is no right position, it needs to be comfortable for you to rest and relax.

Namaste,  Stephanie

Body Scan Medication with focus on the Low Back and Hips

3 Part Breath

This meditation leads you through the mechanics of a natural breath.  It may be difficult as people with pain change breathing patterns and restrict or hold their breath.  If you find yourself struggling or becoming frustrated, just go back to your own natural breath and keep practicing.

Guided Motor Imagery

This meditation is a part of a Graded Motor Imagery program for Pain Relief

Compassion Meditation

We first need to love ourselves before we can really love others.  This meditation will guide you through self love, and sharing love with others through our service, actions, expression, listening and thinking.