Private Yoga Physical Therapy

Unlike medically-based physical therapy, the focus is all on you! Each one-on-one session will include listening to your story; assessment of breathing and movement patterns; and developing a simple and effective program that will move you closer to feeling better. Treatment blends knowledge and evidence from physical therapy and the mind-body connection used in yoga and meditation. Private sessions are for anyone that knows he/she can feel better and just needs a guide, consultant or teacher to help you along that journey. Stephanie is a Board Certified Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy since 2005, so she brings an understanding of the body that your physician, surgeon, or medically-based physical therapist may not see.

Yoga Physical Therapy Evaluation - $150.

  • Includes 60 minutes of one-on-one in the studio and a personalized home program emailed to you after the session. Stephanie spends time developing a home program that gives you access to videos, visual images, and written instructions to address your condition immediately.

Yoga Physical Therapy Follow-Up Session - $120/hour or purchase 6 sessions for $600.

  • Making sure you keep on track and adding new activities as needed.

Offered in person at Balancing Owl Yoga. Just go to the website and schedule in an available slot. Or contact me for availability.

For other locations (Dublin Recreation Center or in the comfort of you own home), please contact me for availability.

NEW! Telehealth sessions offered via the internet. Please contact me for availability.

Questions? Contact (614) 949-9930

Online Course:  Yoga For a Better Back

Based on my series of classes for Low Back Pain which was developed using the latest research, you can progress at your own pace in the comfort of your home. LEARN, PRACTICE AND REPEAT.  Learn more.

Videos of Yoga Physical Therapy

Safe and effective instruction to target areas of impairments for common conditions, such as Low Back Pain, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain, etc.  Use the videos to understand your body to first ease muscle tension and then gain range of motion and strength.  Use video downloads to build a home practice or use them to supplement your private sessions or studio practice.

Weekly Ongoing “Spine and Joint Safe” Classes

Yoga Physical Therapy ongoing classes offered at Balancing Owl Yoga in Dublin, OH.

Level 1 Tuesday at 2pm. You can feel safe and gain confidence in both movement and exercise. I take into account aching joints by modifying poses or giving options for a different position; for mobility impairment you can use a chair or wall; for existing conditions like osteoporosis I give specific cuing to decrease your risk of injury. This class follows a curriculum of Yoga Through the Body and each week I focus on a different area of the body in order to also affect mind and spirit.

Level 2 Thursday at 2pm. This class focuses on STRENGTH. I keep all the considerations from the Level 1 class but I increase the intensity of basic poses to build strength. If you have attended the level 1 class or other yoga before, you are probably ready to progress. That’s what we do in physical therapy, progress your exercise program! And you need strength of will each day to stay on the path to improved health.

Workshops- Yoga Care and Repair

The aches and pains of injury, arthritis or age should NOT be holding you back. The body has amazing potential to heal if we allow it. But sometimes we get in the way of achieving our own healing potential. Blending the practice of yoga with the knowledge and experience from a career in physical therapy, Stephanie will guide you into an exploration of your potential to heal body, mind, and spirit.

In each workshop she will address awareness, alignment, support and mobility with a focus on a region of the body to tap into your full potential.

Workshops 3-5pm at Balancing Owl Yoga in Dublin, OH

  • November 3: Neck and Shoulders

  • December 8: Arm (Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist and Hand)

Workshop 3-5pm at Top Floor Yoga in Canal Winchester, OH

  • November 17: Yoga for Ease Tension of the Neck and Shoulders

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