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Class Schedule

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Private Yoga Physical Therapy:  In-Person and TeleHealth

  • Monday - Friday 9-11 (evening times available by request)
  • Saturday as needed

Ongoing Weekly "Spine and Joint Safe" Yoga Physical Therapy

Tuesday, 2-3pm, Balancing Owl Yoga in Dublin.  Increasing the intensity to add strength training to this Yoga PT class.

Thursday,  Noon-1, Balancing Owl Yoga in Dublin.  This class follows the schedule for "Yoga through the Body" above.

New classes at Dublin Community Recreation Center above.

Workshops at Burn Within Yoga, Grove City, OH for Yoga Teachers and Students

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Saturday afternoon November 10th.

Activating your Core.  The deepest muscles of the body support the joints and create refined movements. In this workshop we will explore the core muscles around the neck, at the shoulder, in the lumbar spine and within the hips. Structural and functional anatomy, including the energetic system as defined by the chakras, will be discussed. Breath work will be used to increase awareness of core muscles around the spine. Corrective and basic yoga poses will be performed to activate core muscles of the neck, shoulder, low back and hips. When you learn to activate these muscles you can then tap into the deepest part of your "self". Restorative poses will be experienced to allow integration of the information and understand that awareness and consistent practice are needed to allow your true "core" to emerge. (2.5 CE credits)

Finding your Rhythm A complex coordination occurs between the limbs and the torso. The upper body coordination is referred to as "scapulohumeral rhythm". This rhythm associated with moving the arm extends into the bones, joints, and muscles of the entire region: cervical spine, sternum, ribs, thoracic spine, clavicle, scapula and humerus. Similarly, the lower body coordination is called the "lumbopelvic rhythm". Movement of the leg is dependent upon kinesiological coordination of the lower ribs, lumbar spine, pelvis, femur, and muscles of the pelvic floor, hips, and torso. to add to the complexity and to be consciously considered is the flow or rhythm of your energy. In this workshop we will learn the structural, functional and energetic anatomy associated with both these upper body and lower body rhythms. (2.5 CE credits)