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Yoga Journey

I remember doing at least one yoga class in college and several in the years following.  In 2000, I got serious doing Yoga in my living room with Rodney Yee videos.  His cuing is so clear that after watching just a few times all I needed to do was listen.  In my own classes and videos, I try to emulate his precision with cues to each part of the body in a pose.

In my mid 30’s, along with Yoga, I also ran and did triathlons.  But after the birth of my first child, I could not return to running or biking because of pain.  So I returned to the mat and Yoga became my primary form of exercise.  Slowly the aches and pains dissipated. One day (2007) while ending a Sun Salutation with my hands on my heart, I had the idea of Yoga blended with Physical Therapy to help others heal from pain.

In 2010, I was certified as a Hatha Yoga teacher.  Since then, I have studied with Judith Hanson Lasater on many occasions and resonate with her teachings because she is also a Physical Therapist.  I have gravitated to and studied the Iyengar style of Yoga because of the focus on alignment and modification of poses for all bodies and conditions.  I continue to read yoga and physical therapy research to broaden my understanding and integrate current evidence into my practice. I have taken what I have learned and created a healing practice that focuses on body, mind and spirit.  I see my journey into Yoga and Meditation as just in its infancy, and I spend much of my free time reading and studying.