We All Just Need to be Loved

So, I'm not a dog person but my kids really wanted a dog.  I was not planning to get a dog so I thought we would spend some time at a shelter and have my kids learn more about the responsibilities of pet ownership.  That happened a total of one time, and we came home with not one, but two dogs.  And I must admit they are sweet little dogs that really just want to be loved (and loved and loved...). 

This is Costello...

...after a bath and I think his favorite time in life.  I wrap him up in a couple of towels and just hold and rock him while he dries.  He is completely content and relaxed.  I learn from him how simple it is to please another being by just giving some attention to show love.

This is Abbott.  Yes, Abbott and Costello were their shelter names and we couldn't think of anything better.  This is also after a bath but he only lets me hold him long enough to do a little towel drying.  He struggles to get away from me.  But he likes to talk to me (Rrrr, Ahrrrr) and is never very far away from me, i.e. mostly under my feet.  Each has their own way of demanding attention to get the love they need.

As I was thinking about this post with my kids, we determined that my daughter is more like Costello and my son is more like Abbott.  Each has different needs about how he/she wants to be loved.  And it is my job as a parent to figure that out in order to make each one happy and content.  

My Mindfulness practice has helped me look at this process of loving.  I'm trying to give more of what each person in my house needs. Though when caught up in life's daily actions, this can be difficult.  It seems there is never enough time.  But LOVE is the most important thing, and maybe the ONLY important thing.  The more we give the more we receive, and that's all we really need.