It's not degenerative discs causing your pain, it's your hips!

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Most of my patients and clients with back pain have tight hips which ABSOLUTELY contributes to their back pain.  In this video you will learn physical and emotional reasons WHY your hips are tight (hint: too much sitting and too much stress while you are sitting). I will lead you through a few moves to assess your own hips to see if they are tight. Then I will provide 3 ways to do something about it!  And YES, yoga poses are included!

You will want to watch this video along with a few others that help you MOVE and strengthen your BACK and CORE. Then you will have the tools to perform the yoga series provided in this FREE DOWNLOAD: Yoga for People who Sit.

Take a week to watch and learn. And in just 4 short videos and some consistency of performing the yoga series, your back CAN FEEL BETTER.



P.S. If you like my videos and you are ready to take a deep dive into really HEALING your back, check out my online course: Yoga for a Better Back.